Saturday, February 13, 2010

Golden Buckeye Card Participants Why Is It That Wendy's Now Requires Proof That A Person Is A Senior? AARP Card, Golden Buckeye Card?

Why is it that Wendy's now requires proof that a person is a senior? AARP Card, Golden Buckeye Card? - golden buckeye card participants

You can not just look at us and see our bodies are worn and old people say?


Milou said...

Perhaps because we are looking for all in modern times. (I)

Shortstu... said...

I do not eat food from Wendy's, so do not know why they have a new policy for the elderly. While some seniors have their age, many seniors do not, it is perhaps why we have introduced a new policy. I saw people use with organizations and nowhere is anything but a senior. Sometimes, as the proverb says, can "appearances are deceptive.

Poppy said...

What a terrible description of the elderly, I admit they are higher than ever before just to get a small discount. I just changed my hair down, lipstick, suck in my stomach and face, such as. Usually, my little son (10), which speaks and says: "Grandma gets a discount because he is old." Poppy

WooleyBooley again said...

Huh? I never asked when I do I ask a discount of 10%. If you ever ask me, I want to show my driver's license. I visited three Wendy's restaurants and two village.
If you are not an old man, why do you ask? If so, why have a problem?
Incidentally, a AARP card means fifty years, the discount is 62 years, more .. in restaurants named

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